CCVESA Emergency Services Training Program Schedule Revised
By CCVESA Liaison Elaina Barry
November 30, 2018

2018-2019 EST Schedule/ MFRI Web Links
2018-2019 EST Schedule
This year's Emergency Services Training program started September 4, 2018. The class has completed Fire Fighter One, and are currently in Hazardous Materials Operations. The next Classes to be offered are listed below.
The Emergency Services Training (E.S.T.) program is offered to Carroll County High School students as well as any Carroll County Volunteer Member by the Carroll County Volunteer Emergency Services Association. Class hours are 12pm to 3pm Monday thru Friday, if Carroll County Schools are closed we will not be holding class on those days. If you would like to join in on any of the classes, go to the MFRI website to register, or contact the CCVESA Liaison at 410-848-1488 extension 209.

The Revised 2018-2019 EST Schedule listed below.
Please go to MFRI Registration / Web links to register for the following classes:

Firefighter Survival and Rescue:

Start Date: December 17
End Date: December 21

Rescue Tech Site Operations

Start January 02, 2019
Ends January 15, 2019

Rescue Tech VME

Start January 16, 2019
Ends January 31, 2019

Protective Equipment and SCBA:

Start Date: January 30
End Date: January 31

Emergency Medical Technician

Start Date: February 4
End Date: May 4


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