Transition - FAQs
By CCVESA Liaison
July 8, 2022

This posting will be updated regularly as the transition to the combination department progresses and how it affects operations here at the Public Safety Training Center. We will use this as a guide to what has changed with respect to roles, responsibilities, processes, etc.

July 1: What has changed:

- VFIS Insurance is now ONE policy administered by the County that covers all stations and the CCPSTC for vehicle insurance, casualty/theft/damage, Officer and Director, general liability. For claims of this nature (not for injured workers), see the VFIS link at the top of this website.

- The TCM and EMS Training Coordinator roles are being retired. This means we are gradually retiring the and email addresses. Please contact the Liaison or the Training Center Coordinator if you need help with who to call.

July 1: What has NOT changed:

- Workers Compensation - Volunteers - See the link at the top of the website. Please do not use VFIS forms for Injured Worker claims. Paid Staff at stations, continue to follow the individual department process with that department's insurance.

- CCPSTC Building reservations. Please see the link right at the top of the website or contact the Training Center Coordinator.

- Reserve Equipment still reserved using the normal form. Log into the MEMBERS site, choose "Forms and Databases" -> "Reserve Equipment Usage". Access to building to retrieve vehicle still the same way. Questions? Contact Training Center Coordinator.

- Sharps disposal, no change to process or location of drop off.

- Absorbent requests - Contact Training Center Coordinator, Liaison, or Training, Health & Safety Kevin Fox. Process to pickup unchanged.

- Equipment returned from Baltimore Area Hospitals. Pick up at the same location