Strategic Planning Conference officially starts the plan building process
By CCVESA Liaison Liaison CCVESA
November 22, 2021

On November 21,2021, a major step forward in the planning for the future of Fire and EMS in Carroll County was completed.  Over 50 members of the departments, CCVESA officers, ESAC members, Union members and County Government officials met for an all day Strategic Planning Conference.   The day opened with welcome messages from Commissioner Wantz, Director Robinson, President Fleming, and ESAC Chair Baker.   Dr. Burton Clark was then introduced as our facilitator.   He educated us on the process of change and the challenges our brains can have with change.  He then talked about assumption planning methodologies.

The department members present were selected based on their specific knowledge and expertise in one of the seven sub-committees that will now continue the work process.   The sub-committees were Operations, Training, Administration, Corporate Communications, Budget/Revenue, Volunteer Enhancement, and Staffing.   There were several breakout sessions for the sub-committees to brainstorm a list of assumptions they should plan for in the areas of economic, social, political, and technical factors that they believe will impact their respective areas of planning.  The second break-out session found the sub-committees starting their list of five primary Goals/Objectives.

Next the sub-committees will begin work on their own with regular reports to the ESAC committee.  The goal is to assemble all of the work into one cohesive draft plan by February 1, 2022.  All documents and progress reports will be available on the members section of this CCVESA.ORG website.